Date Added: 3/7/2013

Creator: Mystical

File Size: 13 kb


Add-on info:

This shiny.mip add-on reduces the amount of shine for the Gen6 mod. On night tracks (especially small ones like bristol) the reflection/shine of the car was too great and washed out a lot of great features and color that were on the cars. This shiny.mip reduces the amount of shine so the car and it's decals do not appear as reflective / washed out. This shiny.mip is also 1024x1024 resolution compared to the default 512x512 resolution that is included with the Gen6 mod. This is simply an alternative for those that want a little less shine on the cars.


For more screenshots of comparision please visit here.


How to install to NR2003:

Unzip the folder and copy the shiny.mip file to your NR2003 directory: NR2003/Gen6 Mod Series folder. To remove the file simply delete it.



- shiny.mip file included was created from scratch by Mystical


Download agreement:

By downloading this mip you agree to not upload the mip to any other NR2003 websites, claim ownership of, or disassemble this MIP into TGA's to repackage. Likewise Armory Digital Racing Designs is not held responsible for support or any issues you may have trying to add this mip to your game. Above all else, give credit where credit is due!