Armory Digital Superspeedway 2017 Edition released!

3 years ago Armory Digital Superspeedway opened its doors to racing leagues and series all across the NR2003 community. In that time the track has received overwhelming respect and enjoyment by many. I personally never expected the track to be so well received and used so often by this many in the community but I am glad to see it have been an enjoyment for all. As promised 3 years ago this track would receive future updates to give it an 'aging' feel over time and this is the 2nd version now of this track.

Its time for an update

This is a special track to me and the only track I ever plan to update over the years where it will wear and tear over time, sponsors will be changed, and new renovations will occur around the track venue. The track is still relatively new so you will not see any dramatic changes to the racing surface or have to alter your racing style too much yet. The track asphalt is no longer dark black and the grass has faded a bit more but it still retains closely to its original colors. While the track has slightly more tire wear and fuel usage since this is a superspeedway you won't notice a dramatic issue with your pit window or having to replace tires all that often still.

One big change is the hotels that were being constructed in turn 4 are finally completed. Instead of the looming shadows of cranes you will now be greeted by 3 new hotels which give fan an all new perspective to see the race from. The Lux hotel's other spire is completed too so you can now see the finished building as its full form.

New state of the art additions have also been included to make the track even more premium. One of the new features track shave added in the past years was a start zone on the walls to show fans and drivers where the leader restarts a race. The track now has nice green restart zone on the walls to match this. Other changes are many of the sponsors around the track from the grass decals, billboards and even the main sponsor for the night version. While the Armory Digital 500 still hosts the day race now Microsoft takes over presenting the Xbox One X 500 for the night race. One last addition I want to mention which is rather big to this new version of the track is the large state of the art bridge that has been added to the end of the backstretch. The bridge includes a checkerboard pattern on its roof and a nice glass decoration atop of it.

With all these new additions the track used all of its remaining budget to build the bridge but I am sure it will be well worth it for fans to enjoy a new perspective of the racing surface and drivers will get to pass under it each lap at record speeds. If this track continues to get the support is has from multiple series over the years money will not be a problem for Armory Digital Superspeedway to continue investing in the track and making sure it stays up to optimal quality.

The 2017 is much more of a cosmetic update than a gameplay altering version but rest assured the next version several years from now you will see a lot more go into the racing surface as it will be much older. For now though enjoy this new version and hope to see you in the future once again for another update of Armory Digital Superspeedway.



Below you will find the complete changelist of everything that was either fixed, updated, or added to the track that makes it differ from its 2014 counterpart:

Bug fixes and Optimizations:

-Cars no longer temporarily dim coming out of turn 4 on the night version, extra light added to keep the cars appearing evenly lit when racing.

-Whelen pit entry lights have been significantly moved farther away from pit entrance so drivers can see the lights a lot easier when wanting to know if pit road is open or not.

-Tracks have now been packed in a DAT file to make the track folder cleaner, only loose files that were unable to be packed are now present


Additions and changes:

-Track surface is now a lighter color

-Grass around the track is now slightly faded

-Restart zone decals have been added to the wall frontstretch

-Multiple billboards include new sponsors

-Multiple wall decals include new sponsors

-Night version has a new primary sponsor: Xbox One X 500

-Several grass decal logos have been updated and/or changed

-New Helicopter 3do's included in the infield

-New Hotel 3do's included in the turn 4 with updated shadows

-New Bridge added on the end of the backstretch

-Several track ini tweaks that make fuel usage and tire wear slightly higher for the player and Ai cars



Download Armory Digital Superspeedway 2017 Edition Here






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