Bud Light Truck Series 2016 carset released!

For the first time finally the Bud Light truck series will see the light of day. I've always wanted to make this truck set but never had the time. At last this truck series has become a reality. This series contains lower series new rookies and old favorites, Since this is a lower division from the Autodesk and Armory carset you'll see different driver ratings that are much looser resulting in a more spread out field at times but also lots of drivers able to go on hot streaks.

With over 80+ schemes and 50+ unique drivers there are plenty of paint schemes choices to race with. It was a long process painting so many trucks over many months but I'm happy to finally release this carset to the public for all to enjoy.

To veiw all primary schmes click here

To view all alternate schemes click here


Download the 2016 Bud Light Truck Series carset






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