Armory Digital Cup Series 2015 carset released!

Each year I paint a new carset for this series and each time I say to myself its the best I've made yet. With Gen6 mod finally coming into the picture I feel the cars have never looked better and the paint schemes have never looked sharper. Like each year new and old drivers are in the set. This one has quite the rookie class from many of the previous rookies from my Autodesk series carset. The competition should be quite good with fine tuned custom driver ratings that have been fine turned over many years across this fictional series history.

With over 300+ schemes and 99 unique drivers across 2 divisions there are plenty of paint schemes choices to race with. It was a long process painting so many cars over many months but I'm happy to finally release this carset to the public for all to enjoy.

To veiw all primary schmes click here

To view all alternate schemes click here


Download the 2015 Armory Digital Cup Series carset






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