Autodesk 2015 carset released!

A new season and a new series: The brand new lower division Autodesk series carset. This carset has been something I've wanted to do for a very long time. So long infact I missed out when the NWS11 mod came out and decided to use the newer NWS13 mod and finally got it done.

This carset is a mix of up and coming rookie drivers looking to make a name for themselves with veteran Armory Digital Cup series drivers looking for more race time to spoil the fun for the rookies. It's an all new series so the roster is packed with drivers all hoping they can walk away as the first Autodesk series Champion. The carset includes a core 49 drivers and 9 'bonus' drivers that if you add in a race will most likely be front runners often. The 9 bonus drivers are some of the best drivers in the Armory Digital cup series and not running for points in the Autodesk series. You might be familiar with some of the driver names in this fictional series if you have raced my previous Armory Digital cup series carsets.

Over 100+ Alternate schemes are included in this set as well so with a full season plenty of paint schemes to switch around race to race. Some cars include patriotic/July 4th schemes as well.

To veiw all primary schmes click here

To view all alternate schemes click here


Download the 2015 Autodesk Series carset






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