Armory Digital Superspeedway released!

Track making has always been somewhat of a test field for me. The few tracks I publicly released in the past years like Freeway superspeedway, cornfield raceway, and the uncompleted Tennessee Superspeedway were all the work of a beginner learning how to mod NR2003 and figuring out track making. While the tracks were race-able and even fun at times I look back at them and realize all the things I left out or could have done better. I guess you can say in my early years I went on a spree of track making and then moved away from it to pursue carset painting more and eventually the UIE mod. In the back of my mind though I always wanted to return to the track makers club. My skillset in digital design, texture use, 3d modeling, and graphics has come a long way and making a track was the perfect way to harness it for NR2003. So I started to shake the rust off in late 2013 and got to work.

I want to give a big thanks to a few people before I dive into this track though, without them this endeavor wouldn't be as easy or as possible without them around.


To my test team (4wideracing, Jacobc62, dogryan100, ThatOneShredder, and Kirbyfigter): Thank you for the literal HUNDREDS of hours and laps you ran around this track making NR2003 crash to desktop and help reports all the Ai and track issues. We filled up one massive spreadsheet of errors and data and it make this rack so much better because of your efforts.

To Ian-S: You were able to show me how I could take my custom 3do's and properly use psg scripts to get them to animate. Thank so much for taking the time to help and show me. It's made this track just that more awesome since I was able to make custom caution lights for the walls and the racing surface.


And now I present to you:

Armory Digital Superspeedway is a track I've wanted to make for years. I've had my custom Armory Digital carset series and always wanted to replace Daytona as the premiere event with my own. So what better way to do this than make a track from scratch and add everything and anything I desired in a superspeedway. I crammed this full of custom 3do's, detail, and thought to the point it's almost going overboard. My ultimate goal in this track was to make something for my own series that can be the hallmark of it and make it more original than ever. If I've done an even decent job I'll be thrilled to see if other fellow offline or online leagues put the track on their schedule. It's a fictional track with no resemblance to any factual tacks but I took into consideration if it was built that it could very well be possible. It's not too 'crazy' but still has some features to make it original enough.

Speaking of features here are some of them included in the track:

- Supports up to 43 cars and has a unique racing groove. While it's impossible to make the high lanes be better than the low lane I took extra care to make it so the racing is fun as possible on this superspeedway. You'll see cars able to 'hold on' longer on the high grooves instead of just the passing fast train like other superspeedway have.

- Fully detailed and explorable infield. Yes, even the winners circle can actually be driven into!

- Custom Caution Lights and what I like to call 'ground lights' These lights run the rim of the track surface in select areas and during racing they appear teal to match the track color theme but will flash yellow on cautions.

- Safer barriers included! To match racing safety the track includes safer barriers so the racing will be fun but safe for all drivers. Custom made in high detail this track is certified with the latest technology of safety and construction.

- 95% of the track 3do's are custom made by yours truly. Even stuff like light poles, trees, textures, and the musco infield lights I wanted to re-create in my own way so enjoy a track with fresh assets to give you some new eye-candy to look at.

- Alternate cam file is included! Created by Jacobc62 you have the choice of the default camera angles I made or his for double the amount of choices to enjoy replays with.

- Track annually or bi-annually (depending on what I decide later on) will include 'wear and tear'. Textures will be updated over time to make the track age, the construction you see in turn 4 will eventually feature the completed hotel and more buildings, among some other changes so the track feels like with each year it gets older and the track surface gets more worn. I'm treating this track like a real track in the sense it changes over time and I want to reflect that for this track.

Oh, I almost forgot. There is included a Night version as well! With all new converted night time mips and effects enjoy this superspeedway under lights as well. I hope everyone will enjoy this track if they give it a download. Please take the time to read the readme for some extra info including a fictional 'history' on the track construction along with issues/known issues. This track is by no means perfect. It was tested to the best of our ability and we cut back as much detail as we were willing to make sure the track was not too demanding on people's pc's ... but this track is still high detail so if you have a low-end pc you've been warned.

So where am I off to next now that the big project for 2014 is done? Well I'll be taking a bit of a 'vacation' if you will from NR2003 content. I will still paint for my Autodesk series but other than that going to enjoy racing in the game and resting a bit. "But seriously Mystical, whats coming next?" Well you know me, planning a year or more in advance lol. All I can say in the immediate future I will teaming with Little E Fan helping him with some 3do's for his tracks. As for 2015 well it's going to be one insane year of work that will start in 2014 and carry us to the end of next year. A new track that is based of an a real life one and you might seem some more UI updates for NR2003. The track alone is going to be the hardest thing I have ever done in NR2003 (minus UIE). It's going to take my complete dedication and 3d modeling skills to pull this next tack off. So many new assets and a lot of testing will be required. The ground works of the track are already completed in Sandbox but I know I'm in for the long haul on this one. I will never make a real life track after this one but I've always wanted it for NR2003 so into the abyss of chaos I go. While Armory Digital Superspeedway was no doubt many months of work and a challenge it was just the beginning ... see you in 2015.

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