2013-2014 Armory Digital car set finally released!

This car set is without a doubt the largest one I have ever made. It took awhile for me to finally publicly release it but here it is at last. Featuring over 90+ drivers, 200 alternate schemes, and 2 divisions it's packed with so many cars. This is my personal fictional series that I have raced in for years. It has zero affiliation or correlation with any real nascar series and all the drivers are fictional. Also, when I mean years I mean literal years spanning back to the days of Nascar Racing 2 when I started it in 1997-1998. Back then this series used to be called the 'Unlimited Series'. I won't bore anyone with the history but for those who are interested I made a post on it here a while back.

Each car has been carefully crafted over the years both in design and driver ratings to offer some pretty unique racing. I've really enjoy racing with this series Ive made from the ground up and just like real nascar silly season's happen, driver and sponsor swaps occur and drivers retire. Some of the driver names in this series were created back in 1997 and are still around. As the years have gone on each car and driver has literally formed history as the seasons go by and this carset has evolved from Nascar Racing 2, to Nascar Racing 4, and it's eventual addition in NR2003 in the early 2000's. I'm not one to make assumptions but it's fair to say this is quite possibly the longest running Nascar Racing fictional carset ever. It's been going on 16-17 years and I plan to keep it going.

Many schemes are included. I recreated a lot of my favorite retro schemes from some of the more prominent drivers as well so you'll see both old and new sponsors for some of the alternate schemes. While many have already quit painting on the BR12 mod I held on for another good year or so. Wanted to give it one last hurrah before I make my eventual cross over to the Gen6 mod for my series next year in 2015. I've always enjoyed painting on this mod and got good use out of it. I know by many the BR12 mod was not liked or now considered 'outdated' but thats what I love about fictional series. I don't have to follow any manufacturer rules or mod standards, the series can race with whatever I like for as long as I like. This car set has been painted so many times for different mods over the years (Nascar Racing 2, nascar Racing 4, Regular cup mod, SSCOT wing and without a wing, and BR12) so when I make the switch to gen6 it won't be anything new I have to go through by painting all 300+ schemes (and new ones) again lol

So with that I hope all the car set collector's out there enjoy this one. Was a lotta work but I love painting for NR2003 so it's nice to send this one out the door at last and move on to some new car sets like the Autodesk Series that is currently in production.


The COMPLETE render archive for the series: here

THE COMPLETE render archive for all alternate schemes: here

Download here: 16+ years in the making and still going ...






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