Why hello there ...

It's been quite a while since you've seen a new news update. Don't worry we've still been around and I can assure you the quiet time this past half a year does not mean nothing is being worked on since UIE 2013 released. Before I get to that I do want to mention UIE 2013 one last time though. I want to give a HUGE thanks to everyone and the kind words they've said to me about the project. I am glad to see so many are enjoying it and still enjoying it. Every week I still get lots of pm's and messages on YouTube about UIE. I don't think I will ever consider myself a 'great' NR2003 modder or contributor of the community but many have deemed me as one. All I can say is thank you and I'm glad the wait was worth it and the 2 years it took to make. The test team worked months ensuring all the bugs were found and issues were resolved while I worked day in and day out those final months trying to get it all ready for the October 2013 release. It really was a massive undertaking to get through and after it released I took the rest of 2013 off and didn't do anything NR2003 mod related. I think I deserved that at the very least ... but once 2014 hit the lights turn back on, the pre-production started, and we've got a full schedule of content coming later this year and some for 2015.

So, what's next?

Well that is for me to know and you to find out =) But honestly I'm not one to release info or snapshots of projects in progress since I don't like having swarms of questions or pressure to release it soon. What I will say is the test team is back in full swing testing a band new track that is nearly done in the beta phase. There is also another track planned after this that is in alpha production as we speak. One track is a fictional one and the other is a real life track that has never been made for NR2003. They are both planned to release no later than 2014. I'm not setting due dates for either since I want them to both be complete as possible and they will be ready when they are ready. All you need to know is both tracks are going to be full of custom 3do's, they are built literally from scratch, and will be top tier quality when it comes to not only the racing but attention to detail. The track that is more along the pipeline has almost all of it's 3do's added along with many of it's final custom textures in place. We're working on the more fine tune details like shadows and final Ai tweaks at the moment. No time table when this track will be released but hopefully in a month or so.

So when's the next UIE huh?

I get asked this question a lot. Especially since FOX for example already has a new broadcast graphic that people would like to have added in NR2003.. I am not confirming nor denying that there will be another UIE but all I can say is I hear you. I'm just needing a bit of a break from UI mods and want to branch off some of the other areas of NR2003 modding that I enjoy (like track making). So worry not, it's most likely not the end of Ui updates for me but don't expect anything any time soon.

Sounds good, real good.

One of the additions to the Armory Digital team is Kirbyfighter. Along with him comes all his wonderful sound packs. These will be slowly added officially to the website so you can find all his creations easily in an accessible download section. He's got some cool stuff in the future so be sure to check back from time to time. You can see this new sound pack section right here.

The encyclopedia of NR2003

Armory Digital is proud to represent and help a new website called "The NR2003 Encyclopedia". This site serves as a home for defunct mods and NR2003 content that no longer has a home. It also will have tons of links networking to other sites so you can easily find all the greatest NR2003 content all centralized at a single site. If you'd like to join in on the discussion and current development of this site you can read up here. Whenever the site becomes live you'll be able to find an easy access link that goes to that new site.

NR2003 Expo

Another site that is coming soon (and being produced directly by Armory Digital) is the NR2003 Expo. The Expo will be a site that serves the purpose to act as a glorified RSS feed for new content and teasers of soon-to-be-released NR2003. It will be open to anyone that has a big project and wants to subit a teaser of their upcoming work, announcements, and just general notices about NR2003 that has just released that you might have missed somehow. The site is literally in pre-production so hopefully in a few weeks it'll be up and running. We'll be sure to let you know when it ready. If you'd like to know more about this site I have a thread over at SRD that detail what the site is about and everyone who is giving their feedback on the idea. Feel free to chime in as well.

What about some cars yeah?

I'm still painting fictional NR2003 cars for NR2003. I know some enjoy my work and would like to see some more releases. I have a completed carset that I might release eventually. As for individual car downloads I don't have anything at the moment but if I get more free time in the future (heh) I'll try and get some out there. I love painting NR2003 cars but for the most part I paint them for complete fictional carsets and not so much as individual packages as I used to.

That's all ... for now

Well I hope this shed some light on what Armory Digital is doing for most of 2014 and beyond. As always I'll get everyone updated if/when things change. Until then, thanks for dropping by and see you on the next big release =)






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