10 Years ago racing fans were introduced to one of the greatest sim racing games of all time. With that greatness the community made some of the best tracks, cars, and modifications a racing game has ever seen. For every turn of the wheel into a corner, drive off of pit road to gain position, frustrating defeat when being involved in a wreck, and every celebration in victory lane this is NR2003. It is a legacy of those who have helped keep it alive for over 10 years with their contributions, passion, and determination.

This mod (UIE 2013) is my contribution to that great legacy, no more, no less. I made it for myself since I've always loved the idea of better UI in NR2003 but I am here today to share this with everyone for all to enjoy who may want to experience it as well. The inspiration of those who came before put the fire in myself to see this mod through. It was not always easy or fun and most times pretty rough having to work week in and week out to get this thing done not knowing where it would lead or how to get there since this has never been done before. I gave it my all, my 110% effort for over 20 months, thousands of man hours, and a lotta good music.

Lastly I want to thank my test team for being on this project with me for over a year. They greatly helped out testing the 1000+ unique UI files that UIE 2013 contains. Without them I probably would have missed a lot of issues.

So without further adieu I present to you:
Welcome to UIE 2013 the only mod in existence for NR2003 that enhances the UI of the game. This mod aims to improve and update a few sections of the game I felt really needed an overhaul. The main places I focused on in this mod were the main menus, replays, and of course the racing layouts. Lets take a quick tour of UIE to help familiarize yourself with the mod and what you can expect. If you just want to download the thing you can scroll to the very bottom of the thread for the link but I highly advise you don't since this is a very complex mod and many of your questions may be answered from just reading onward.

So let's begin with our tour of UIE 2013!
The main menu is the most visited and used menu in all of NR2003. For it's functionality it serves it's purpose but I always felt it could look and work a bit better. On default menu (that everyone has used and gotten used to for 10 years) the menu options are spread across the screen and take up a large portion of the background which many menu designers have carefully crafted backgrounds around the text. Well today that all changes. The main menu has been revamped with several choices to choose from that will allow for more creativity and ease of use on background placement.
The Nascar.com style layout aims to give that horizontal website design for the menu selection on the official nascar.com site. The menu options have been compressed (and even some choices a select few removed) to not only allow faster navigation between the menu options but all open up a ton of real estate on the screen to make it easier to add your favorite background without having to worry about text getting in the way of things. As you can see there are many options for the Nascar.com menus. Some of the menus which have all the menu options or if you prefer only a few options it has been cut back. Likewise you have a choice of the menu options to appear on the top or bottom of your screen. For the minimal menus I've removed the options that many either don't use in the game to make things look cleaner. Menu options such as 'configure 3D graphics' (which can be done in the NR2003 folder anyways), Championship (which most people use a program like score 4 for championship mode scoring now), and driving lessons (which is rarely needed or used by veterans). This frees up even more space which is always nice.
As an added bonus to the Nascar.com menus there are special moving tickers which have a scrolling ticker on the bottom of your screen. You can customize what your main menu and even whats on the ticker with templates to make it fit exactly how you want.
The block layout brings a metro style look to NR2003's main menu. The blocks each have their own images that you can customize if you want with the template. The Sprint Cup Series, Nationwide Series, Truck series, and a generic Nascar one have been provided to start off. This menu gives you the most personal look as all the blocks can be whatever you want with the added bonus of a background still behind it as well. It gives a reason for the menu options to be spread out while providing nice images to go with each menu option for quick referencing.
The replay layouts are another core section of UIE 2013 that have been revamped and improved. This was one of the most anticipated areas of NR2003 to get a revamp. Many people who run offline (and even online) league will find some of these extremely useful. For the first time in NR2003 you can have your league's series logo right there on the screenshots without all the hassle of having to use external programs to pretty up your images. While the classic replay is effective in it's vanilla state UIE 2013 brings it to a whole new level and ease of use so you can enjoy watching those replays with no annoying block in the way all the time when trying to look at the standings.
The classic layout is your standard block style standings you've seen in NR2003. The difference here is the annoying 'press S to close' has been removed and for the first time you can move the replay standings to any 4 corners of the screen you want. So if that top right block is getting annoying you will find it's much nicer on the top left for example. While UIE 2013 comes with a default design it is 100% compatible with UI Enhancements 2012 and Rouguetoads's UI designs as well. All you have to do is get the stp file you like, rename it, and drop it in the correct folder. Instructions on how to do so are provided in every download of UIE 2013 that includes the replay layouts.
The extended replay layout is an all new overhaul of the way the replay layout looks. Some of the data has been extended out to make that big standings block a bit smaller which increases real-estate on the screen for the viewer. With over 10 different broadcast channels to choose from you can customize your NR2003 replay viewer like never before with all new UI. This layout design was specifically made for those who run online or offline leagues. A template is available as well so a user can put their leagues logo on the UI which will help in screenshots or video of their races when presenting them to others. The lap counter has also been increased in size a bit so it is easier to see.
This is where it's all at. The heart of UIE 2013 is in the racing layouts. The biggest section of UIE with the most choices, designs, and content available for people to choose from. The racing layouts come in a wide variety with months of production, designing, research, and testing. They have all been made with the intent to give players the best NR2003 experience and make you feel like you are right there at the race onboard with your favorite driver or in the broadcasters booth with FOX, ESPN, TNT, and other stations. Each racing layout has been carefully crafted right down to the pixel to ensure a crisp, clear, and enjoyable racing experience with the best quality UI ever seen in NR2003.
The classic racing layout is exactly what it is: Classic. This layout stays true to the original NR2003 racing UI with a few improvements to it. For starters you have 4 corner choices: Top left, Bottom left, Top right, and bottom right. Classic racing layout is also fully compatible with rouguetoad27's UI update and the UI Enhancements 2012 update. Just add in the desired files in the correct directories and you can race with the new classic layout with your favorite layout files from past UI updates.
The hardcore racing layout is a separate rendition of the classic racing layout. This version is a stripped down hardcore UI. Many elements have been removed for those who want a minimal hud and don't need all the extra data on the screen. Small things such as the F1-F9 text has been deleted, The F key text has been removed as well, text has been made a bright yellow, and the flag conditions have been made to mold with the transparent black background as well. While this UI layout can be raced in any view it was specifically design for those who race in cockpit and love to race hardcore. It's been made dark to blend well with the interior of the car and not become a distraction and display only the info you need. Veterans of NR2003 probably have the f key memorized and thats why the f key labels were removed to give this layout a smaller amount of space being used on the screen compared to the other UIE 2013 racing layouts.
The NTG layout is based off of the Nascar the Game 2011 and Nascar the Game Inside Line games. This design is a mold of the two put together to give a unique feel for NR2003 that still represent the NTG design. The UI was altered a few ways to work with NR2003 interface but for the most part the design will make you feel like you are in a NTG game (except NR2003 has better physics, AI, and a few other things ha). This is the arcade layout for those who have always wanted bigger text and UI in NR2003. It is easier on the eyes and comes in wide range of colors to choose from so you can even match the UI with your car's paint scheme if you wish.
The Nascar 09 layout brings back the UI from the Nascar EA game: Nascar 09. I specifically wanted to make this UI for NR2003 because it was unique from all the other Nascar EA games that were made. It felt like it would work real well in NR2003 and I believe it has. Obviously just like NTG layout some modifications of the original design have been made so it works with NR2003 better. Just like with every racing layout it was created from scratch with a few simple layers and molded into the design I desired. You have 9 color choices to choose from so you can match the layout with your car's paint scheme.
Who said Nascar Hotpass is dead? It will forever live on in NR2003 as your favorite onboard UI. This UI was made specifically for those who like to race with a certain driver (fictional or real). The design is based off of the 2012 Hotpass design and like all layouts has been tweaked to work with NR2003 the best I could make it. With over 40+ Sprint Cup drivers to choose a hotpass layout on and 10 free fictional driver slots you can make your own onboard hotpass layout and ride shotgun all race long.
If UIE 2013 mod had a soul this is where it would be. The Tickers of UIE 2013 is where it's all at. With over 40 unique tickers to choose from both real and fictional you can race feeling just like you are in the broadcasters booth looking over all the action unfold while actually racing at the same time. The tickers had the most time, research, and detail put into them. Everything from how the flag conditions on each ticker looks to their functionality has been thought out. Iconic Tickers from the past decade in real Nascar have been carefully crafted and recreated from scratch to give you the most authentic experience while racing in NR2003. Doing a race from 2001? No problem, tickers such as the FOX and NBC from 2001 are here. Racing in 2013? Thats been covered to with the newest tickers such as the memorable FOX 2013 ticker and even the very new 2013 TNT ticker. If you go on youtube and search for Nascar races any ticker you see in the videos is almost guaranteed to have been made in UIE. If racing with real tickers gets boring there are many fictional ones as well. Some are my own "what if" tickers too. For example Speed is now gone but in UIE 2013 it will live on forever with it's own custom fictional design.

With the Ticker layout you will never experience the drop of the green flag, caution, or even the final lap the same way again. As an added bonus red and blue flags have been added too so have fun exploring all the tickers and have fun racing!

Have a question about UIE 2013? Visit the FAQ Thread for the most commonly asked questions about UIE.

If you have an issue with UIE installation or think you might have found a bug you can post it here in our Troubleshooting / Bug Reporting thread

Have a great idea or want a to provide feedback of UIE? Suggest it in our Feedback / Suggestions Thread

You can view all of UIE 2013 layout by visiting the gallery here: UIE 2013 Gallery!

Want to use Camhack with UIE 2013? You can learn to use it from this tutorial.


Quotes from January / early 2012:

QUOTE (PepsiRacer4)
... I was wondering if you could edit the stuff when you're viewing a race ...


QUOTE (Jeeble)
I'm glued to this thread now...desperately want to move my fkey screen...I hate how it covers some of the guages.

If Vol. 2 is anything like Vol. 1, I'm guessing there will bet tons of different options and positions for everything.  That ticker across the top idea sounds friggin sweet.

Complete and complete

QUOTE (Paul Johnson)
if you get a ticker i will kiss you.

Complete. and I swear, I didn't make it for the kiss

QUOTE (David24)
Hey Mystical when you say "edit the UI" do you mean just the driving UI or all of the UI in the game? I'd be curious to know if you could change the main menu layout.


... just one thing that bothers me is that the F Keys menu blocks the mirror...


QUOTE (guardracer19)
... anyway you could possibly make something like that for the Replay manager when you are watching the replays and you can see the running order are they anyways that could be change?


QUOTE (S. Yogurt)
I'm just wondering, is there a way to make an f-key that moves? Like maybe... Possibly... A ticker?

Completed ... well I can't make it move but there are tickers

QUOTE (nascarfan9)
Do the Red and Blue flags in the flag update actually get used? If so I never knew they were able to.



1 year, 9 months, 18 days from when this projected all started ...

UIE 2013

oh btw, UIE 2013 will have continued support and patches if need be. And to end with that, I'm off to work on the next big thing, I'm out!



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