When a project such as UIE 2013 is started there are a lot of uncertainties to how it will end, if you'll ever get the project done, or just how much farther is left until all is done and said. It's been a heck of ride these past 20 months working on this mod. Since the July teaser trailer work hasn't stopped on UIE 2013 and so much more has been completed and wrapped up. Longer weekends and weeknights have been poured into this thing to get it our the door. Just a few more weeks and everything will be ready. I know, the waiting sucks but very soon you will have your hands on UIE 2013 and as I promised the wait is well worth it.

The good news is today is the right time to reveal the release date. October 19th, 2013 approx around 4pm pacific time is when I plan to release it all. This will be on a Saturday, the day before one of my favorite Nascar races: Talladega. I hinted at the release date in the UIE 2013 teaser trailer post made a few months back so those of you who were paying attention might have seen that little secret ahead of time. Unless something in life gets in the way and goes horribly wrong this is the set day and I'm determined to release it finally in the month of October.

I am not here today to just reveal a release date though, big things are coming in preparation for UIE 2013. You may have noticed the website has changed a little such as the new UIE 2013 menu option at the top of the website and a few sections got consolidated. You might even find a few easter eggs and hints at the different packages you'll have a choice of downloading in the new UIE 2013. As we get closer to UIE 2013's release date you slowly see more changes to prepare for this monster of a mod. So much documentation, information, images, and files need to be uploaded it's a very complex web of goodness to make it easier for everyone to download and understand how UIE 2013 works. So stay vigilant and see you in just a few weeks now for UIE 2013.

oh almost forgot, you might see a transformation of the website's main page come on October 1st. The thunder is rolling in ...





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