18 months and 4 days is exactly how long ago this project started. Since that day not a single screenshot, large piece of info, or video has been shown of whats really going on. That is a really long time not saying much while promising to deliver something so grand that will transform the UI of NR2003. Well today on July 4th it's finally time to show you just a small piece of UIE (User Interface Enhancements). It is my pleasure to present to you now the teaser trailer for UIE 2013:



If you are left with a ton of questions we'll be answering some of them for you right now:


Q: What is that logo MDK (Moders Development Kit)?

A: MDK will be special UI that will not be publicly released content. It will however be for track makers and mod makers who at request would like to use the UI for testing purposes. What exactly will this type of UI have in it? Bigger Framerate UI, a reflap key, plus other helpful on screen UI for when a track maker or mod maker needs to guage the framerate or wants an on screen display of all the reflap info without having to rely on memorizing it.


Q: So I saw the trailer and I'm not impressed to be honest. A couple of standings boxes UI got moved around to the four corners, one new menu, and a Nascar the Game style UI for racing. yay I guess? Is that really all you've done this past year?

A: Teaser trailer. I'll say it again: Teaser Trailer =) You don't think we'd show off the best UI content in a teaser now would you? To put into perspective of how little we revealed in the trailer in relation to how much content is really in the full version of UIE let me put it this way: The amount of content shown in the teaser trailer equates to 30 MB of new UI content. The full version of UIE has over 1.5 GB worth of content. Yes you heard us right and that number is going to rise a little more as UI for the other content gets refined and extra stuff is packed in. So don't worry about the trailer thinking thats all there is. Oh no, so much more that you will have to wait and see on release date. We just wanted to give you a taste of what is coming


Q: So in the trailer you revealed a new main menu, racing, and replay UI. Were any other areas of the game's UI remade?

A: Just those 3 sections were the main focus of UIE 2013. After all is said and done and this project is released we'll see how things go and the feedback we get (or lack thereof). With that we'll see if people want more menu customization or would rather see a bigger focus on just racing layouts.


Q: Fall 2013, can you be more specific on a release date?

A: While no date is concrete I will give you a hint of the preffered weekend date we'd like to release: 3 wide is normal at this track all race long.


Q: A lot of your previous projects and carsets offered a special limited edition version for those people who downloaded first or had previously downloaded a project in a certain time frame. Will you be offereing any special editions of UIE?

A: Oh yes, you can expect a special limited edition of UIE 2013 that will contain limited time offer Ui content for those that download first. More details on that to come in the following months.


Q: Where can I get more info on UIE to keep in tabs on the upcoming months before the project releases?

A: You can visit our new forum section that is entirely devoted to UIE 2013


Well that is all we have to reveal for today. I hope you enjoyed what you have seen. See us in the upcoming months for more info and the eventual release of UIE.




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