We are nearly there! Just a few months to go and the biggest UI overhaul NR2003 has ever seen will be out the door for all to enjoy. A year and a half later so much work has been put into the development of UIE (User Interface Enhancements) and today I am proud to reveal a few small tidbits of the project. I first want to thank my team of testers who have stuck with this massive project since last year. They've been around for a long time providing insight and feedback on how to make this the best possible UI for NR2003. It's not quite ready for a teaser trailer today (which will be coming in the weeks to come) but here's some information of what you can expect from UIE.

To start UIE will contain overhauls to 3 major parts of the game: Main Menu, Replay viewer, and of course the Racing hud as you race in real time. With that it will include many different UI elements to choose from. Some more simple than others like a classic view for racing that is similar to the default ones people have been using for 10 years in NR2003. For those that want more detail and complex racing layouts to choose these are provided too. Whether you race hardcore and want minimal hud elements with only the bare essentials or want your races to feel like they are being broadcast on the big stations it's all there. Not only this but the replay layout has been overhauled so that annoying standings box is not so annoying as it was before. One major addition to the new replay layout is the ability for offline leagues to put their Series logo right in the replay viewer so when you take screenshots for your offline leagues (or even online) you'll have a nice layout with the series that you want to represent. Lastly the main menu has gotten some overhauls as well so if you've always been annoyed by the menu text taking up a huge portion of your nice Nascar background it's no longer a problem anymore.

One major change that separates this UI from the standard NR2003 Ui is it works in a higher resolution too. What this means is finer detail. This is most noticeable for main menu background. The 800x600 resolution has been eliminated and brought to a new 1280x1024 resolution offering finer detail and better quality. The replay and racing layouts as well have been enhanced too so the Ui won't feel as blurry as it did before.

On release day in Fall 2013 (release date still pending) UIE will be offering several different download packages so if you are only interested in a certain UI element you won't have to download the entire thing. Likewise PSD templates will be provided too for those that want finer control on some of the replay, menu, and racing layouts to truly make them personal for each and every person that uses this new UI. UIE is about options, freedom, customization, and above all else fun. I can't wait to reveal to you all what has been hidden for so long. As each day passes it's closer and closer to completion. Much of the beta testing has completed and we're going into full swing RC phase (Release Candidate).



Oh one more thing ...


7 . 4 . 2013


See you here July 4th weekend =)




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