For the past year+ UI Enhancements 2013 has been in production. Content is being tested and brought to life in a way NR2003 UI has never been before. Still many months are ahead of us while we prepare this groundbreaking UI for it's eventual release but today you have a chance to get a small glimpse into it.

We want your feedback, more specifically how you like the race in NR2003. We've provided a nice questionnaire that will help you answer some of the important things we are wanting to know from you. With your feedback it will only help and strengthen UI Enhancements 2013 to be more like how you want and even more full of content you'd use.

If you came here in hopes of a small screenshot or details about the UI Mod I'm sorry but today is not the day quite yet. It's just too good to show anything that would spoil the fun but I promise it is well worth the wait. In the meantime fill out the questionnaire or if you are a member at SRD you can fill it out there as well.


Until next time, take care.



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