NR2003 User Interface EnhancementsPart Two avalaible for download!
The Popular Ui Enchancements for NR2003 returns again with more!

At the beginning of 2012 Armory Digital Racing Designs Racing released the first NR2003 UI Enhancements to the NR2003 community. The UI update revived Nascar racing 2003's old and aged look of racing UI to something more modern that you'd see in 2012. It gave power to the racer to customize the way they wanted their interface to look like. It has so far been the only major update to some of the elements such as the f-keys and flag indicators in the history that NR2003 has been around. The UI update has been critically acclaimed by the community as fresh and incredible. Well we figured since we started the year with that awesome Ui update we should finish it off as well with another update.

Before I go into the details of UI Enhancements 2012: Part Two I would like to first of all say thanks. To all those who gave much interest in the project, left comments, and have been enjoying the UI updates this past year it's been awesome to see the stuff show up in screenshots. The thread at sim racing design has received numerous posts of thanks and almost 20k views! The UI update has been the most downloaded file on our site as well, so thank you for the showing interest. Lastly if you are wondering no, this is not Volume Two. Volume two is the literally groundbreaking Ui change to NR2003 that will be coming in 2013. It have been renamed to UI Enhancements 2013 to avoid confusion with this part two. If you thought this was volume two well I am sorry, that is just not quite ready yet. The good news though is you have these new updates to hold you over until that project gets done, it's well worth the wait trust me. Now without anymore delay I present to you UI Enhancements 2012: Part Two!

Flags have returned with more choices this time around! There was also some demand for the Square flags but with no bars so we've provided those without bars this time around. You'll find a wide variety of flag choices to use and a few Unique ones as well. The m&m's one are especially creative. All the flag colors are represented as m&m's and you'll smile when that green flag drops, I know I did =)

One of the major add-ons in this update is the fact that you can finally get rid of that boring replay standings menu and add some flair to it finally! With 4 different choices you can now enjoy a new refreshing look that doesn't match very well in this day and age. Also provided is an escape menu. When you are racing and press the esc key you'd see that bland red menu, now it will be converted to a nice nascar black one. This will make it match all the new updates nicely. last but not least are the Speed/Gear icons. When you are racing and press the S key you can see your cars gear and mph. These 4 choices will let you customize that if you like racing with the S key on all the time.

All 20 F-Key Choices

The f-keys are back again with even more choices! In this edition I tried to get even more creative with the f-keys. If you add up all the f-keys from the previous set and this one that is over 60 different choices. Hopefully one of them will suit you just fine. I personally like the glass one in this set. It is transparent and has cracks in the glass. It's looks real nice while racing.

Image Previews: here and here

Well that is going to wrap it up for this UI update. This is probably the last release for us here at Armory Digital Racing Designs but don't worry 2013 is just around the corner. Some of the best carsets are currently in the shop being painted as we speak and the ever anticipated 2013 UI Enhancements are coming next year. Everyone have a good Christmas and New Years!



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