NR2003 Matchmaking is finally here!
Race in the ultimate offline series where you rank up to compete against the best of the best.


(Note: Matchmaing 2012 is no longer avalaible in-case you happen to read this)

It has finally arrived! After 5 to 6 months of rigorous testing, revamping, beta testing, and various other setbacks the system is in place and ready to accept driver applications. If you've participated in other offline series you will find this one is very different from all the rest. I wanted an offline series that has no end and players can join in at any time not constrained by long seasons or no room left. The best way to describe this system is like any xbox live matchmaking multiplayer game. Player go into lobbies where they are then placed againsts players acording to thier skill level. The sam is done here. You start out with a plain white car and bland number ons the sides. As you race more you unlock more custom options for your car, better driver ratings and can build the ultimate racing team.

After months of hard work and thinking out to implement such a system that would not only be easy to manage but fun for everyone it has finally been shaped into something that I beleive everyone will and can enjoy. Whether you want to just sit back and see your car manage itself or you want total control both options are plausible in this system. The best part is there is never a tie too late to join. You could hop in for the first time several months from now with a new car and have a great time.

If you've heard enough and want to join in on the fun you can start reading up on all the details of the overview of this system or just start making your car now. I hope everyone has a fun time with the matchmaking system and if you have any questions you can always refer to the AD Racing Designs Forums in the matchmaking section to get your questions answered.




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