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Armory Digital Racing Designs is now expanding! What used to be just a one person team (me) is now opening the doors for a few lucky individuals to come and help out. I feel the time has come to start expansion and get others involved to help out in future an current projects for NR2003. I want to make the best content possible and it doesn't hurt to have a few extra helping hands along the way if possible.

Positions currently that are available can be found on the about us / Team page. Here you can see who is currently part of the team and what positions are still available to apply for. Please keep in mind that the positions available are not just free rides to gain access to NR2003 content early but also help make it better by testing it and putting forth caring effort to make whatever the project may be better. My goal in opening the doors for others to come and help out is to hire those that have proven experience in the NR2003 community. I also want to make the best content possible for the community with a fun and creative team that I hope in the future will continue to release grade A quality NR2003 content.

If you feel you are up to the challenge and want to be part of the team to gain inside access to new NR2003 content, your name on the website, and open access to projects you can visit the team page to apply now. Apply Now!



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