Video Game Division Car Pack One is here!
More cars, more fun, more racing.

VGD Car Pack One features 15 new paint schemes. Extending your enjoyment of the VGD car set with more detail, more drivers, and more alternate schemes to play with. Some paint schemes didn't make into the full set and car pack one fulfills this with some of the designs and games that still needed to be added. All cars in the pack directly correlate to the full car set. This means driver ratings, driver names, info and such all will match perfectly with the full car set for seamless racing. Some of the cars were requests of games that didn't make the final cut so they have finally been added into the carset. Along with the new drivers comes more alternate schemes for exisitng cars. There were a lot and still a lot left to be painted in terms of alternate schemes but at least now some of those cars that only had one scheme have a few more to play with.

In terms if you want to use the new drivers / games is a choice left up to you entirely. This car pack does not include a new VGD 2011 car set roster but just a mini roster so you cna see the new cars that are included in this set. If you wish to add the new cars to the existing car set you will have to add them to the roster manually. Everything else as said before is already taken care of for you such as driver ratings and driver names and so on. IF you've kept the driver ratings the same as they were in the car set there won't be any conflictions. However if you've manaully edited the driver ratings you will have to do so for all the salternate schemes tied to that car. That is unless you want the alternate schemes to have different ratings than the primary car scheme.

Along with Car Pack one comes Patch v1.2 as well. This features a few minor graphical tweaks / fixes to a few cars. Simply copy paste the patched cars into your series folder and when it asks to overwrite existing files say 'yes to all'. If more small graphical issues are found in the future the next two cars packs will most likely includes patches as well.

Here is the complete list of car featured in this pack:

New Drivers:
#43 Batman Arkham Asylum Ford
#64 Zelda Majora's Mask Ford
#69 Dragon Age Origins Dodge
#91 Left 4 Dead Toyota
#98 WWE '12 Toyota

Alternate Schemes:
#1 Jedi Academy Pontiac
#11 Morrowind Dodge
#11 Oblivion Dodge
#24 Call of Duty 4 Green Trim Chevy
#24 Call of Duty Green Design Chevy
#43 Batman Arkham City Harley Quinn Ford
#55 Knights fo the old Republic II: The Sith Lords Dodge
#66 F.E.A.R. 2 Ford
#91 Left 4 Dead Black Design Toyota
#91 Left 4 Dead Black Design with green trim Toyota

You can find all the renders for these cars on the bottom of this page and the rest on this page.


Collector's Edition Car Pack

Collector Edition owners of the VGD Car Set have the option to download seven more bonus alternate schemes if they wish. Along with Car Pack One also comes Collector's Pack One. So if you are a collector's Owner and have a code to unlock these cars you can download both the standard and premium pack cars to give you a total of 22 new schemes. These bonus schemes continue to expand on the video game companies and game engine design that the original collector's edition car set featured. While this is a rather small collector's pack make no mistake many more are to come in the future.

Car Included:

#6 Lucasarts Pontiac
#6 Lucasarts white trim Pontiac
#11 Bethesda Dodge
#11 Bethesda white trim Dodge
#13 Halo Waypoint
#26 Treyarh Chevy
# 99 Blizzard Entertainment / Battlenet Toyota

Renders for these new cars can be viewed at the bottom of this page.

I hope everyone enjoys both of these car packs. If a desired game is still not featured in this car set there is still hope. Two more planned car packs in the future will come and there is already a growing list of many more alternate / other games to be added. I will try to get in as many as I can but some will be saved for the 2012 car set of course such as new games coming out in 2012. Most of this first pack was a quick 'tidy up' of cars I simply didn't have time to get in before the Christmas release date / a few requests from others who wanted to see certain cars like a WWE '12 or Batman car.

Car Pack two will feature a few more requestet cars along will a plethora of even more alternate schemes for existing cars. Car Pack Three will be the final (planned) pack for the VGD car set which will take care of any more remainign 'final thought' cars I feel shoud be included in the car set.

I hope everyone enjoys this new car pack. Have fun!



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