NEW NR2003 User Interface Enhancements avalaible for download!
Make NR2003 feel like NR2012 ... and spice things up a bit

2012 might have just started and this might be New years but that doesn't mean Armory Digital Racing Designs is going to start the year slow. Instead we are releasing on day one of this new year all whole new add-on for NR2003 fans who want to make their game a little more personal. I've always felt some of the UI (User Interface) in NR2003 was rather dull and bland. What surprised me more is almost no one in the community really made any add-ons for them. So I took it upon myself to chip in and give us all some well deserved variety.

Up first was the opponent manager screen. Uhh just look at that nothingness behind it! Well I changed that to add a very Nascar like background:

Now instead of a boring background when in the opponent manager you can see your cars at least rotating on something more pleasing. Up next was the lame "loading data" / "loading track' UI pop up every time you load a track. Let's admit it we see that menu as much as or more than the loading screen each time we boot up NR2003. Now it will give you a kind reminder that hey! Countdown to Green is starting! Better get ready for some racing action! ^_^

The next update in line was the in-race flag indicators that appear on the left side of your screen. I don't know about you all but the ones by default in the game are rather desaturated and boring bricks of blah. If I'm in a caution I want something at least modern that screams '"hey this is 2012 UI right here!" so that is just what I did. You have a choice between cute little circle flag indicators or the more Nascar on Fox style squares. Either way when you are now taking the green it gives you that feeling that Darrell Waltrip is right there saying "Boogity, Boogity, Boogity!!" instead of the dull green UI that is just doing it's job but not being very cool looking.

All F-Key Choices

Last but certainly not least is the F -Keys Update. This is something I was rather amazed at that no one really customized or took a crack at. I mean c'mon who doesn't want a heart themed f-key menu??? Sharing is caring remember when on the track =) The heart menu will remind you of this (yeah right lol). Or what abotu some trollface action when you feel like just driving wild? Jokes aside, this is the main bulk of the UI package. I've made a large variety of both serious and more funny styled F-Keys to choose from. Almost all major Nascar broadcast channels are included as well. Both present and past day broadcast channels so if you are using an older car set from say the 1990's pop in that TNN F-Key theme and you will be right at home with Benny Parsons and alike talking about the race. The are 29 total unique f-key selections for everyone (not including the blank one). Those who downloaded and have the Collector's Edition of the Video Game Car set were given a code in thier download. The access code will unlock 11 more bonus F-Key choices for you. It is a little thank you to those who took the time to grab the ultimate edition of that car set.

As always any or all of these UI updates are optional. If you don't like certain ones or want to use them all you can rotate them out. In the end this is simply a package for those that want more options and want to give the game a breathe of fresh air for the UI. You can find this update in downloads section under Add-Ons. Enjoy and have a wonderful year!



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