2011 Video Game Division Car Set Released!
The Video game Car Set has finally arrived!

The concept of this car set started many years ago but it wasn't until a few years ago I fully imagined the idea. Back in the early 2000's I had made a car set of random sponsors. 3 of the cars had videos games as sponsors. Kingdom Hearts, Shadow of the Colossus and Doom 3 were the 3 games on the cars. I believe it was right then that the inevitable car set for video games would be made in the future and here we are today, the car set fully realized.

I've painted many car sets in my time with NR2003 but no car set proved more of a challenge than this one so far. It wasn't painting the large amount of custom bases in such a short amount of time that made this car set hard but rather the sponsors. Many of the older games have very little or no high resolution logos to be found. This left me with either creating them from scratch or scanning them in from my game's box art covers. Some cars such as Bounty Hunter took longer to get the logo refurbished than painting the entire car itself. Even more mainstream games that had higher resolution logos were difficult to work with at times. Not all game logos I could find had transparency so it was a lot of time cutting out the images from the background which for anyone who has done this before knows it can be very tedious if you want the entire background removed. In the end I feel each and every car turned out nicely despite the large amount of time some of them took.

As for the driver ratings, these have been specially calculated and tested to ensure fun but 'realistic' races. Each car's driver ratings are based off of the game they drive for. More popular and well known games will be those cars you'll see in the front more often. Don't be surprised to see the #27 Modern Warfare 3 car in victory lane a few times or the #99 Starcraft car either. From Major Nelson's top 20 most played Xbox live games to twitch.tv I examined what games viewers and players like the most and based most of the ratings off of those. For example, games such as Halo 3 may be a bit older but still has a huge fan base so it was given a boost in ratings. Games that were known to be very popular but have a huge issues with bugs and needing a ton of patches for online are given a much lower reliability rating. Games like Modern Warfare 3 are going to be front runner cars but also have a higher chance of engine failure. Lastly for pitting strategy cars such as Role Playing and Real Time Strategy will have better pit ratings. The back of the field will have plenty of cars that do and don't make it in the field each race you choose so things will stay fresh and you won't see the same 43 cars each race. If you keep the driver ratings they way they are you should get some enjoyable and not so predictable starting fields in races.

This car set almost didn't make it out the door in time. I barely finished it before the set goal I had for release. With having to build this website from scratch and get the car set done it was a huge mad dash the past week or so to get all the remaining cars I wanted in painted and presentable. This definitely is not the last of this car set. New updates and more additional cars will follow. There are plenty of games I wasn't able to fit in this time around. I hope you enjoy the car set, Merry Christmas!



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