2012 Armory Digital Cup Series Car Set Underway
New Season, new mod, new cars,

The last season the Armory Digital Series was using the SSCOT Spoiler mod. This year it's to the Bullring BR2011 mod. A lot of paint schemes will be converted over for the most part from the 2010 and 2009 seasons. However, as it is with every year many new designs, drivers, and sponsors will come with it as well. The previous two seasons have had a ton of new cars so this will be yet again another year of so many cars to recreate and convert when it is all done and said it will be one massive car set in the end.

Keep an eye out in the paintshop section under the 2012 Armory Digital car set and you will be sure to see new paints coming in on a regualr basis in the new few weeks ahead.



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