NR2003 Matchmaking Beta soon
The new NR2003 offline matchmaking is looking good so far

This is something I always thought would be cool to try out: A matchmaking system for NR2003 that includes a ranking system and places cars that win more and race better against other good cars. It would be an endless system where it doesn't matter when you begin because it won't be like a season where it eventually ends and everything starts over. Instead, every race every car does is added into one big leaderboard in score4 and these points allow unlockables to your car such as changing the base color of the car, number font, gaining sponsorship, rank, and so on. This is essentially one way to make endless amounts of random paint schemes that are defined by a few parameters while also being able to enjoy countless tracks, gametypes, and playlists.

The matchmaking system is like any online game where it involves multiplayer and some form of ranking up system where as you rank up you unlock more features and slowly go against harder foes. The details on how it will all work will be revealed in the future once the matchmaking section of the website is completely built. Beta testing will start soon on this system where I'll try out different variations and see if everything works out well.

If you want to see NR2003 matchmaking in a nutshell and how it will work it's basically like this: You start out as a simple plain white car. No changes to your car can be made, no sponsors, or color changes. Your driver ratings will be at a low base number ( a number that I've not decided on yet). The more races your car does the more race points (EXP) it will earn. When you reach certain milestones in EXP you will have new options available to your car such as changing the base color, adding a base, and adding more points to your car's driver ratings to make your car better. Eventually you will hit an area in the ranking system where you will find it more difficult to progress in rank or unlockables. Soon it will require your car to gain wins to rank up and earn new unlocks. Some unlocks will literally make your car better such as adding points to your car's driver ratings. Other unlocks such as the paint scheme will make your car look better and customized the way you like it. Sponsorships depending on the level of how important or well known a sponsor is can also benefit your car once you unlock one. Some will even give bonus driver rating points after a certain amount of races.

As said before the beta for this is coming up and a lot has still got to be sorted out and calculated but it looks very fun and promising. I don't know if it is something others will find fun or intriguing to participate in, but even if no one else does I'll do it since it's a great way to make a lot of random paint schemes and variations. More Matchmaking news in the future =)




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