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I've been a long time painter in the NR2003 community for years. Even before NR2003 was released I was painting cars in Nascar Racing 4 and Nascar Racing 2 in the mid 1990's. I'm not as old as it may seem. I got started painting at a very early age and now in my very early 20's it's a hobby I've greatly improved on and still enjoy in my free time. The pure ability to create and design a car any way I want with an infinite choice of colors, shapes, and effects and then see it on the track in NR2003 is a very satisfying thing for me.

I'm not as very well known in the community since I never had a site to represent myself and all my billion of cars I've painted. But that is all going to change. While many good NR2003 sites are dying or are slowly becoming less active I hope to keep this place active with new content as possible. I plan to fill it with a great amount of resources for those that love to paint or have a huge collection of fictional cars in their game. NR2003 is a great game with an overall great community and while the game might be old I don't see another game like NR2003 coming anytime in th future. Until that day if it ever comes I'll be painting for NR2003.

In 2012 I released the 2012 UI Enhancements that have made NR2003 feel fresh again. It has recieved many thanks for my effort put towards that project and contribution towards the community. In 2013 the biggest UI Enhancements are coming and will change all of that again.

Most recently my 2013 UIE mod has come out which has changed the way NR2003 looks forever. I hope to continue to create add-ons, fictional carsets, and other content for NR2003 that can live up to the UIE mod. In the past 2 years the focus has been adding new tracks to NR2003. With Armory Digital Superspeedway, Taylor Swift Superdome, and Yas Marina Circuit being added.